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Strangers Raised £12,400 For Homeless Man


A homeless man was given £12,400 in donations after capturing the hearts of strangers in a series of viral videos.

Mike’, 46, welled up when he was presented with the money while sat in the car of his friend Philip Vu, 24. The pair met when Mike offered to clean Phillip’s car windows in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Phillip had been driving around the country after quitting his graduate job and was making videos for his social media channels. After initially refusing to talk to Mike, he decided to buy him a sandwich and offered him a seat in the car to get out of the -10C temperatures.

They struck up an unlikely friendship and Phillip posted clips of their chats on TikTok, attracting millions of views. Strangers were soon getting in touch and wanted to donate money to help out and, in a matter of days, thousands of dollars had been pledged.

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At their next mealtime meet up, Phillip handed over some cash and revealed the online fundraiser total – recording Mike’s amazed and heart-warming reaction. Content creator Phillip, from Newport Beach, California, said: ‘That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.

‘When I set off on this journey eight months ago when I left home to live out my car and make videos, years in the future my dream was to give a person who deserves it a lump sum of money and change their life.

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‘I never could’ve imagined only eight months later I would have achieved that. We can fix homeless in the US because a life was changed with just $17,000 – we can make a difference in these peoples lives.’

Phillip has been living out of his car for the past eight months, while travelling around the country on his trip. He was on a stop over on a drive to New York when he met Mike on January 31 2021.

As they began to chat, they found out they had more in common than they first thought. Phillip said: ‘I thought we were two sides from a different coin.

We both came from struggling backgrounds and at some point I decided to reconnect with my family, and he didn’t – we saw commonalities until that split.

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I was like living my dreams, and he told me his dream was to go travelling one day.

‘He’s been fending for his life and trying to support his girlfriend, and I’m living out my car for leisure.’

Mike told Phillip his father died when he was young, and he’d lost contact with his family.

In their TikTok videos he admitted he had been to prison a number of times. But after his mother died last year, decided he wanted to ‘make money honestly’, and has been pumping petrol or cleaning windows.

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